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We are happy to introduce our newly designed product. We hope you will try it and like the unaltered product quality combined with innovative features making this product up-to-the-minute.


Quick Overview


Executive Summary

Eco Car Care Products supplies and supports specialist eco-friendly automotive car solutions for both retail and commercial applications. Our solutions range from high performance eco-responsible waterless wash and wax technology to services such as consulting with clients wanting to undertake the change to eco-friendly technologies and methodologies to supply all material and equipment needed for an unhindered transition to an eco-friendly car care environment.



High Performance Waterless Wash and Wax Technologies



Facts and Figures:

This technology is based on biodegradable micropolymer encapsulation technology that essentially uses wetting agents to wet and encapsulate dirt and grime in an anti-scratch   protective layer.

A microfiber cloth  is used to wipe and trap dirt inside the microfiber's of the cloth thereby   preventing the dirt from scratching and swirling the surface.

The chemicals used generally contain a detergent and a wax that washes and waxes your car in one easy action.

They do not contain any form of Teflon or silicone additives that many traditional car care   products contain.

• Totally waterless solution

• Provides a better result (i.e. Wash & Wax)

• All ingredients are bio-degradable

• Contains no VOC’s, silicones, Teflons,

   Hydrocarbons or Petrochemicals

• Based on anti-scratch encapsulation technology

• More   cost-effective over traditional wash systems

(i.e. R3.00 to R 6.00 per vehicle)

• Wash is inclusive of a wax coating

• No specialist knowledge needed

• Based on spray and wipe technology

• Cleans light to heavy soiled vehicles



Comparison Chart


Traditional car Care Systems:

Eco-Friendly Systems:

• Waste hundreds of litres of water

• Are time consuming

• Do not provide consistent results

• Are not cost effective

• Require specialist car care knowledge

• Expel hazardous chemicals that are not


• Contain hazardous chemicals & VOC’s

• Are concentrated with petroleum hydrocarbons

• Are messy and require separate demarcated

  operating areas

• Require by law that grease traps be fitted to the

drainage system

• Cannot guarantee a scratch free and consistent

result, contrary to popular belief

• Generally need high pressure washers to assist in water saving- not effective

• Do not waste precious water

• are convenient and require less effort

• provide consistent ,equal if not better results

• are cost effective and save you time as well as

money (i.e. Cost per car is under R 9.00)

• Do not require specialist car care knowledge

• are completely biodegradable

• contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC's)     or other hazardous materials.

• contain no petroleum hydrocarbons

• Do not require the installation and maintenance

of grease traps

• No run-off is produced

• Vehicles can be cleaned literally anywhere (i.e. In workshop, wash bay, parking bay...etc

• Dispensing via trigger sprayers, garden sprayers or electric sprayers

•   Equipment maintenance is virtually non-  existant



Understanding Eco-Friendly Technology


Why consider eco-friendly technology?

Car wash systems have been in existence for decades, yet the systems, processes and methodologies have hardly changed significantly. The most prolific of car wash systems globally is the commonly known ‘hand wash’ system. Second to that system is automated tunnel washing system and only thereafter would you find eco-friendly car care systems in the rankings.


The characteristics of traditional Car Wash Systems

• Their number one characteristic is that they use extremely large amounts of water

• Second to that point, they use high volumes of harmful non-biodegradable chemicals that are flushed down our sewage systems

• They required by law to comply with municipal bylaws that require these systems to have expensive infrastructure (i.e. grease and chemical traps)    built-in on site.

• Run-off water from traditional car wash systems is not easily recycled or biodegradable and hence extremely harmful to the water system of any community or environment

• They require large amounts of space as their stations are single purpose

• They are labour intensive

• And lastly, contrary to popular belief do not offer the best results for automotive finishes.


The following graphic depicts the water consumption of various car wash systems:

As the above graphic clearly shows, eco-friendly technologies are the most water efficient of all technologies


Understanding Reality in the South African Context


Let’s consider the availability of water globally:



The Reality?

Global water shortage is a reality that South African’s have yet to fully embrace and consequently we

make little or no effort in conserving water. South African’s have only to look at our neighbouring

countries to realise the imminent water crisis that looms over our beautiful country.

The diagrams shown on the previous page show that traditional car wash systems are some of the most water inefficient systems in the world and contribute significantly towards global water pollution and water shortages.

Countries like Australia, the United States of America, Europe and now the Asian Block have all started mass water conservation campaigns that obligate citizens (i.e.,. both individual and business to start conserving water by implementing water efficient technologies and systems).

Recently, in South Africa it has been reported that although we have strong rainfall patterns, water shortages and water pollution is rendering waste water untreatable and will ultimately lead to water shortages and stringent laws that govern the usage of water at all levels of society and business.


The future of car wash Technology?

There is no doubt that the future of car wash technology is going to be greener, through the use of

ecologically friendly systems, processes and methodologies. The advantages of eco-friendly technology is clear:

• They produce very little run-off which is biodegradable.

• These technologies use less than 5% of water that traditional systems use.

• They provide better results that are cost effective over traditional systems.

• They are faster and promote higher turnover at each wash bay.

• Between 15 – 20 min to clean an entire vehicle.

• They promote space saving and are naturally much more aesthetically pleasing.



...The future of car wash is Rapidly moving towards Eco-friendly Technology.